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… ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it…


Nothing is more certainly foretold than this national conversion of the Jews in Romans 11.

Jonathan Edwards


There is great encouragement in prophecy to those who work among the seed of Israel; and it is greatly needed, for of all mission fields it has been commonly represented to be one of the most barren, and upon the work the utmost ridicule has been poured. God has, therefore, supplied our faith with encouragements larger than we have in almost any other direction of service. Let those who believe work on! Those who believe not may give it up. They shall not have the honor of having helped to gather together the ancient nation to which our Lord himself belonged; for be it never forgotten that Jesus was a Jew.

Charles Haddon Spurgeon


I could stay out of heaven many years to see that victorious triumphing Lord act that prophesied part of His soul conquering love, in taking into His kingdom the greater Sister, the Jews….Oh, what joy and what glory would I judge it, if my heaven should be suspended till I might have left to run on foot to be a witness of that marriage-glory, and see Christ put on the glory of His last-married bride, and His last marriage love on earth; when He shall enlarge His love-bed, and set it upon the top of the mountains, and take in the Elder Sister, the Jews, and the fulness of the Gentiles!

Samuel Rutherford


… of raising up a kingdom unto the Lord Jesus Christ in this world … it is either expressed, or clearly intimated, that the beginning of it must be with the Jews.

John Owen


That there shall be a general conversion of the tribes of Israel is a truth which in some measure has been known and believed in all ages of the Church of God, since the Apostle’s days.

Increase Mather


There awaits the Gentiles, in their distinctive identity as such, gospel blessing far surpassing anything experienced during the period of Israel’s apostasy, and this unprecedented enrichment will be occasioned by the conversion of Israel on a scale commensurate with that of their earlier disobedience.

John Murray


I believe that, meanwhile, Israel shall not only be wanderers, but that everywhere only a remnant, a small remnant, shall be saved; and that is for the gathering in of this remnant that our missionaries go forth.

Horatius Bonar


It is only where the church persists in refusing to learn this message [of Romans 9-11], where it secretly — perhaps unconsciously — believes that its own existence is based on human achievement, and so fails to understand God’s mercy to itself, that it is unable to believe in God’s mercy for still unbelieving Israel, and so entertains the ugly and unscriptural notion the God has cast off His people Israel and simply replaced it by the Christian Church. These three chapters emphatically forbid us to speak of the Church as having once and for all taken the place of the Jewish people.

C.E.B Cranfield




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